How To See Archived Orders On Amazon Phone App. To find your archived orders, you will need to follow these simple steps: Select “request desktop website” (in safari) or “desktop site” (in chrome) to view the desktop version of amazon.

How to find archived orders in amazon from

Click the “archived orders” button found on the your account page. Easy to follow tutorial on archiving orders from your amazon accounts order list. Open the amazon app and log in, if needed.

Select Your Account From The Dropdown Menu.

Because you cannot archive orders using the amazon app or the mobile site, it will be a little more difficult to archive a purchase using your mobile phone. How to find archived orders on amazon mobile app tachibana from Choose the filter option, and then tap archived orders.

Now Select The Orders You Want To Hide.

How to find archived orders in amazon from here you can see all placed orders and under order setting option you need to select the archive option. You will still be able to view archived order from “your account” by clicking the “view archived orders” link. In the orders tab, tap the dropdown box that says “ past 3 months ” and select the “archived orders” option at the bottom.

If You’re Looking For An Order That Doesn’t Appear On The Archived Screen, You’ll Need To.

Easy to follow tutorial on archiving orders from your amazon accounts order list. Here you can search for your specific orders by name or by order date. Today, we want to discuss how you can manage past orders and even archive them so they’re no longer visible in the list.

Here You Can See All Placed Orders And Under Order Setting Option You Need To Select The Archive Option.

What’s more, you can see your archived orders on the mobile app with the following steps: Log in to your amazon account. Tap the icon with three lines to open the menu;

Open The Browser On Your Iphone Or Android Phone And Go To Amazon.

That’s it you successfully archived the orders on amazon. On your device open the amazon app. You can now view all archived orders and unarchive any if need be.

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