Is Revenge A Good Move Pokemon

Is Revenge A Good Move Pokemon. It's a move that's only learned during leveling by chansey or blissey. Revenge's power is doubled from 60 to 120 if the user is hit before its used.

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If you're slower it's like a close combat without the defense drops. Due to memory issues, results are limited to 50. Revenge is much better as it is quite strong when used correctly.

Due To Memory Issues, Results Are Limited To 50.

Pic name type abilities base stats level hp: Similar to bide, in red rescue team. Problem is, revenge's power boost requires you to actually take damage, unlike payback.

Blast Burn Is Fire Type, Hydro Cannon Is Water Type, Frenzy Plant Is Grass Type, Rock Wrecker Is Rock Type, And Roar Of Time Is Dragon Type.

Details all stats for each move and each pokémon that can learn it. Return is just for pokemon that lack neutral damage like sableye or wobuffet snorlax has much better normal moves like body slam and has many coverage moves (superpower eq outrage) 2. There are five moves that are virtually identical except for their types.

Rage Can Be Used As The First Move Of A Pokémon Contest Combination, Causing Leer, Scary Face, And Thrash To Score Double The Normal Appeal If Used In The Next Turn.

There are better fighting moves to use, like dynamic punch and/or cross chop on a no guard set, or close combat on a choice/guts set i'd say, if you're bent on going with revenge, pick a bulkier fighter like hariyama for it. Power is doubled if the user has lost hp due to the target's attack this round (except by pain split). Softboiled being the best variation of it.

Bold Indicates A Pokémon Gains Stab From This Move.

Revenge deals damage, and if the user takes damage in the same turn, revenge's power is doubled to 120. An attack move that inflicts double the damage if the user has been hurt by the opponent in the same turn. It heals the user a flat 50% of their max hp, and can be used outside of battle.

List Of Pokemon By Catch Rate;

An attack move that inflicts double the damage if the user has been hurt by the opponent in the same turn. Vital throw never misses with the offhand of decreased priority. Revenge deals damage and is a decreased priority move, causing the user to attack after other pokémon that are using ordinary priority moves.

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